College of Business & Technology Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available to qualified students through the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University. For a list of qualifications and available scholarships, visit While the amount of awards vary, most of the scholarships are for $1000 with $500 payable each semester. Most scholarships are available for existing undergraduate students, some scholarships are available to entering students who have been admitted to ETSU. Students receiving full scholarships through the University Honors or Roan Scholars are not eligible to receive additional business or technology scholarships. Since the funds for these scholarships are provided by business-persons, alumni, and other supporters of the College of Business and Technology, a number of selection criteria are necessary. Selection will be judged by a number of factors including: Scholarship recipients are not automatically considered for subsequent awards. You must re-apply each year and will be compared with the current year's applicant pool. Deadline for application is March 1 of each year. Please complete and submit the online scholarship application on or before March 1 of the year you wish to be considered. The online application is only accessible January 2 - March 1 of each year. Please complete the application during that period. Thank you.

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